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 Hi I’m Megan and this is my family. Simply Put…
Everything done is for them. Heath and I took over Simply Put Clothing Co. back in 2015. Through a lot of hard days, late nights, and tough lessons – here we are!
Our biggest hopes are to help you feel beautiful in your own skin and to continue to grow as a small town business!
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Since 2015

Quality Modest Clothing


We offer so much more than just a cute outfit!

It’s nice to look into the mirror and like the look of your clothes, but our goal is to have you look in the mirror and see that you’re amazing! Because you are.
You don’t need to wear revealing clothes to be noticed. In fact, people are far more likely to aproach you, and have a genuine positive interaction with you, if you’re modestly dressed. When they’re not focused on your skin, they can focus on your heart–the real reason you’re beautiful.
Everything you wear should allow your inner beauty to be the center of attention and help you radiate attractiveness from the inside out.

And…everything you wear should give you the value you paid for. High quality clothing will wash better, wear better, and look better longer, which means you can be clean, comfortable, and stunning without having to buy something new every few weeks.

If you want something new…we’ll be here waiting to help you find a high-quality something that fits you modestly, expressively, and perfectly.

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